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The “3rd Grande Corrida de Carrinhos de Rolamentos” is regulated by this document which was produced by the Organizing Team.All participants are required to be aware of the Regulation.In the act of registration a copy will be provided and the participants will sign a document as they had acknowledge and accepted all the guidelines thereof.

1. Organizing Teams Duties

a) Designate evaluation criteria and time keeping for all participants; 

b) Nominate track officials, security officers and first aid/emergency responders; 

c) Comply with personal accident insurance for all participants if and when necessary; 

d) Licensing and obtaining the necessary authorizations to carry out the race; 

e) The organisation team will irrevocably decide the cases not foreseen in this regulation document; 

2. PARTICIPANTS and crew

a) According to the traditional nature of this activity anyone can register as long as they have the physical and mental capacity to perform it;

b) When registrating (online or paper form), you must fill in all the data that you are asked. Registration is only valid after payment in full, according to the price list and number of participants (3 per cart). In the event of not being able to attend or declassification no refund of any amount will be made;

c) Those under 18 years of age who wish to participate must submit to the Organizing Team an authorization (in an appropriate form that can be downloaded online or provided by the organization on the days of the event) from parents or guardians, where they accept the guidelines of this regulation and assume full responsibility for any situation that is not covered by insurance policies, whatever their nature, and exempts the organization of the race from any liability whatsoever. The non-delivery of this document prevents the participation of all individuals under the age of 18 in the Race;

d) Each cart can only have one number non-transferable, and it is irrelevant who and how many the crew are (maximum 3 per cart), the prizes will be awarded to the participant(s) to whom number is associated;

e) Failure to comply with the guidelines provided by this document and the Organization implies the immediate expulsion/disqualification of the participant; Problems resulting from it are not the Organization responsibility;

f) The participant when crossing the finish line should move to the Boxes area as soon as possible, in order to avoid accidents with the other participants and not interfere with the time collecting. Lap times will only be announced to the participants after the last cart has finished the race/lap. Loading the cart on the transport vehicle to be brought back to the start line is the sole responsibility of that cart crew, if the cart is not in the starting line when the call is made it will be immediately disqualified;

g) Anyone with prejudicial attitudes that may jeopardize the proper functioning of the Race, such as damage caused intentionally to other cars in competition, shall be banned from participating; Taking advantage of illicit resources that harm other participants for their own benefit shall be banned indefinitely; Inappropriate verbal language, skirmish discussions, verbal and/or physical aggression between participants all shall be banned indefinitely;

h) Participants must use the following equipment, which is mandatory in full: helmet; upper and lower clothing covering the entire trunk and upper and lower limbs (commonly worn trousers and sweaters), closed shoes. Any arm descendant due to the lack of safety equipment won’t be covered by the insurance policy.

3. Race

a) Circulation of motorized vehicles on the track and delimited areas other than those of the Organization, Security and Relief shall be prohibited; 

b) Once this regulation is accepted by means of registration (online or paper) a non-transferable number will be assigned to each cart provided by the Organization, it must be affixed in such a way as to be visible throughout the activity, at the risk of being penalized by lack of this. The number is valid for the entire race and it is prohibited the use of other numbers that do not match the number assigned in the race by the Organization. It is allowed the use of stickers of sponsor in the car, provided that it is properly affixed, without jeopardizing the identification of the number assigned by the organization.

c) At the starting line, each cart must be with the front bearing behind the starting mark, being considered a “null start” if the cart moves before the start signal is given.

d) Finishing a lap is determined by the crossing of the “Meta” line with the cart;

e) Pilot (and crew) shall remain seated in his/her cart while it is in motion,contact with the ground is not allowed at anytime.

f) Help from the public is not allowed, boosts or pushes, this incurs penalties and/or disqualification;

g) The race is considered complete only when the Pilot (with or no crew) crosses the finish line “meta” with his/her cart;

4. Ball-Bearing Carts

a) Only handcrafted carts will be allowed (they can be of any material, wood, meta, plastic etc…l, it must be build, reappropriating a pre-existing go-cart frame is not legal).

There are no restrictions on the shape;

Each team is free to design and build the cart according to their imagination and creativity;

b) The maximum permissible size of the Ball-bearing Cart is 200cm (79inch) in lengths per 100cm (39inch) in width;

c) The carts shall have two axles and at least four ball-bearings;

d) There must be nothing between the ball-bearings and the asphalt;

e) It is not allowed to use any type of propulsion other than gravity;

f) Lubrication of the bearings can only be done in the box or in the paddock;

g) Each cart should only have 1 to a maximum of 3 crew members (people who occupy the said cart at any time), and of those crew one must be the pilot being able to alternate between themselves if necessary.

5. Race Day


The carts will be received on September 28th, starting at 1:00 pm in the Town Council Warehouse next to the church, Bairro do Figueiral Velho Rua B
  • All carts will be inspected for illegalities, and evaluation of the Traditional and Allegorical categories.
  • In case of any illegality is found, the teams can make repairs or changes.
  • The carts will be stored in the Parish Council warehouse under the responsibility of the organization.
  • The competition will be held on September 29, 2019, on the main road of Mexilhoeira Grande – Rua Francisco Bívar, starting at 2:00 p.m.
  • 2:00 pm: Briefing with the participating teams;
  • 3:00 pm: Race starts;

b) There will be a training lap, where carts will be in groups on the track, following the recommendations made during the briefing.

c) At the end of the race we will make a new lap in groups to thank the participation of the public.

6. Lap Times / Rating Categories

a) Each participant will receive on September 28 when delivering the cart for exhibition and storage two ballots to vote on the cart they find to be the most Traditional and the more Allegorical. It will be the responsibility of the organization to select the carts for each category.

General Category:
  • All participants are automatically enrolled in this category. Each cart will run two qualifying laps, the average time of the two laps will qualify the 3 fastest carts;
  • Carts do not need to be part of any of the categories listed below as long as they follow the rules in lines 4. and 6.
  • Carts of this category should only be made of wood, with at least 4 ball-bearings two axles and traditional steering, and they must be able to make at least one descent.
  • The 3 cars with the most votes will be the winners.
Following the rules in this document, in this category will be the winner the 3 carts that:
  • Do at least one lap;
  • Voted the 3 most beautiful and imaginative carts in the event.
We then challenge everyone to build the most creative ball-bearing carts possible!
 – Any child up to 12 years old can join this category, being also eligible in the General, Traditional and Allegorical categories.
The three fastest children in the race will be the winners, calculating the average of two laps.


Participation in this race is volunteer, it has an associated risk, the organization alerts participants that the risk may be a consequence of disrespect for the recommendations made in this document or at the briefing before the start of each race. We appeal to the good census of all the participants to carry out the race with conscience, without exceeding the limit of the acceptable in the scope of fair play and security to all the participants and espectators.

categoria geral

Todos os participantes estão automaticamente inscritos
nesta categoria
• Cada carrinho fará a pista duas vezes.
• A média dos dois tempos dará classificação aos 3 carrinhos mais rápidos
• Os carrinhos não precisam de fazer parte de nenhum das categorias em
baixo referidas desde que sigam as normas conforme as alinhas 4. e 6.


Os carrinhos desta categoria só devem ser exclusivamente em madeira, com pelo menos 4 rolamentos dois eixos e direcção tradicional, e
terão de conseguir fazer uma descida.
• Será vencedor os 3 carros com mais votos


Seguindo as regras neste regulamento, nesta categoria será vencedor os carrinhos que:
• Fizerem pelo menos o percurso uma vez
• E votados os 3 mais bonitos e imaginativos carrinhos em prova.
Desafiamos assim a todos a construírem os carrinhos de rolamentos o mais criativos possível!


Qualquer criança até aos 12 anos poderá integrar esta categoria, sendo também elegível na categoria Geral, Tradicional e Alegórica.
• Será vencedor as 3 crianças mais rápidas em prova, calculando a media de duas descidas.


A participação nesta corrida é voluntária, tem um risco associado, assim cabe a organização alertar os participantes que o risco poderá ser uma consequência do desrespeito pelas recomendações efectuadas no briefing antes do início de cada corrida. Apelamos ao bom censo de todos os participantes para realizarem a corrida com consciência, sem ultrapassar o limite do aceitável no âmbito da sua segurança e de todos os participantes.